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Significantly boost your results – In Every aspects of your daily life with all the convenience, motivation and ease of Six Minutes to Success.
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Many of us have surrender into the fact that what has happened, is supposed to happen,
and we have no power but to accept and live or die with it.

Or we can listen to what the mystics have been saying for the last 5000+ years, our indigenous cultures for the last 40,000 plus years, and now science supports,

there is a power that connects all things, and we are an intricate part of that field and effect it with our focus, thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

For over 300 years we have based our belief systems on two assumptions that have proven to be false

Assumption 1:  That all things are surrounded and separated by empty space.

Recent experiments published in peer reviewed journals have stated we are surrounded and intricately connected to a creative intelligent field of energy that fills and permeates the cosmos in what was once thought of as empty space.

Assumption 2 : Our inner world of feeling, perceptions and beliefs have zero effect on what we experience externally.

This has now been proven to be completely incorrect.

Recent experiments have uncovered ( beyond any reasonable doubt) that this field moves and reshapes itself according to what we feel and believe in our heart of hearts. This is not what we tell people or what we would like people to believe about us,  but what we believe in our heart of hearts.

Is It Time For You To Learn How To Manifest and

Live In The New World Paradigm?

Bob Proctor is the best at explaining the mechanics of the mind, the law of attraction and why we do what we do, and more importantly how to change the conditioning (Paradigms) that really run the whole show. Bob has put together an exclusive club where in just 6 Minutes a day he will show you how to change the innermost thought processes and set you on the path to your dreams. Bob has been studying this work for well over 50 years and has committed his life to the un-foldment of Human Potential after he witnessed amazing changes in his own life.

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